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Donald Gross Law Firm was founded in 2012 on a simple premise – taking care of our family, friends, and community in Las Vegas. We couldn’t stand seeing the everyday person taken advantage of by insurance companies, other law firms, and institutions and become victims of a system they don’t understand.

We started assembling an expert attorney network with the drive to fight for maximum settlements for every case. There’s never a reason to settle for less than what is deserved. Even if it takes a little longer, we work hard to ensure the end result was worth it. Our results prove our purpose. In the short time since our inception, we’ve won over $150 million in settlements for our clients, including a $13.6 million medical malpractice case. By winning more cases and getting higher compensation, we are able to make our clients whole again.

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Our Practice Areas

Real Estate Law

Our real estate attorneys have experience with over 5,000 cases and ready to help.

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Family Law

Donald Gross seeks to obtain the best results, and to provide quality family law services.

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Business Law

Our well trained lawyer approach helps, our clients achieve a positive long-term impact on their business.

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Education Law

Our education law practice represents both public and private schools in a variety of legal matters.

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Criminal Defense

Get help with your Criminal Defense Case today our attorneys have experience.

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Immigration Law

Our firm provides professional guidance from experts who are very familiar with immigration issue.

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Why Choose Us

Best law practices

We will not only advise you about the law but will draw on our experience to provide you with practical and effective solutions to your particular situation.

Expertise & Trust

All of our lawyers are highly trained specialists in their area of the law. Their legal knowledge is kept up to date through courses and departmental training. They are highly motivated to get the best result for you, the client.

Customer Satisfaction

We like to hear your opinions regarding the level of service you have received so at the end of every matter we will send you a client satisfaction survey to complete. In 2015, 99% of people returning surveys said that the services they received exceeded their expectations, and 98% rated our solicitors' expertise as EXCELLENT.


Meet Our Expert Attorneys

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Donald Gross

Business Consultant

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Dylan Adams

Criminal Consultant

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Gloria Edwards

Divorce Consultant

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Josh Dunn

Immigration Consultant


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Choosing a law firm to represent you and your case is one of the most important decisions you can make. We understand that your case is important to you and choosing the right firm and attorneys to represent you could make the difference for your case. Donald Gross Law Firm is a boutique law firm with three dedicated trial attorneys with over 40 years of combined experience. Being that we are a boutique firm, we are able to dedicate the appropriate resources and time to manage your case.
Donald Gross Law Firm was founded by Mr. Donald Gross in 2008 and since it’s inception it has maintained an unwavering commitment to trying cases and/or brokering favorable settlement agreements for our clients whenever possible.
At Donald Gross Law Firm we handle claims at all levels of litigation. Our areas of practice include Business Law, Employment and Labor Law, Intellectual Property/Technology Transactions, and Litigation.
We want you to trust that we are here to help you during the difficult times that arise when being faced with a lawsuit. We expect for you to come to us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We want you to be honest and responsive with us so that we can best prepare you for any possible depositions.
We know that you have a busy schedule and yet want to stay informed on your case proceedings. We will keep you informed as to any important updates in your case so that you are well up-to-date but not overwhelmed. We are here to support you and take some stress away by keeping track of all of the detailed proceedings in your case.
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